How to get the best lighting for your pet pictures?

Is proper lighting important when taking a picture of your pet?  While some pictures look great indoors and in low lighting, our artists love bright and well lit backgrounds.  Why is this?  Good lighting allows the pets features, color, eyes, and expressions to really stand out for the artist.  We receive many custom requests and having great lighting allows our artists to capture the unique features and beauty of your pets.

What are some tips to capture the best lighting in pictures?  Outside with good natural light is always preferred but not always necessary.  If you have good natural sunlight indoors through a window or sliding glass door that is a great alternative.  Good natural lighting allows the cameral to capture the beauty and detail in your pet.

Good lighting for custom pet picture


What are some alternatives if you don't have access to natural light or outdoors to take a picture of your pet?  Great indoor lighting is a good alternative for taking pictures.  Try to avoid taking pictures in a room that only has one overhead light or just a table lamp.  Poor lighting will not allow our artists to see the natural beauty in your pets and may delay the artists process.  In some instances we may request another picture be taken of your pet in better lighting.  We want you to love your custom pet picture and share it with friends and family.

Have a question about your pets photo?  Feel free to send us an email at and ask before submitting your order.  We are happy to review any pictures as we want you to love your custom pet portraits from Smooch and Pooch.